Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar Power

Solar power makes sense for small business – save on power costs, and provide certainty of supply in the event of a power outage.

We provide commercial solar power systems from 10kw to 100kw, with optional battery backup available on single, dual or three phases.

Petrol station with solar panels installed in Queensland 2012

Petrol station with solar panels installed in Maroochydore 2012

Examples of some of the commercial solar power systems we have installed:

  • Doctors clinics
  • Dentist
  • Warehouse
  • Factory
  • Office
  • Manufacturer
  • Shop
  • Nursery
  • Resort
  • Retreat
  • Island research station
  • Hospital
  • Convent

If you have an application that you consider may be a bit unusual, or requires the experience of a good engineer with expertise.

We have performed installations around Australia, from Tasmania to Queensland, and overseas as well.

Expert, experienced designers of expandable, economic, and dependable solar and hybrid solar power systems.

We can incorporate wind back-up, to assist your 24-hour generating capacity.


Solazone installed Kyocera panels on Unity Water at Palmwoods

Kyocera solar panels at Unity Water, Palmwoods 2015


Explore the benefits:

  • 30 years of experience
  • no-obligation site assessment.
  • Solar designer actually visits your site, measures up, checks the electrical
  • Solar system is designed specifically to suit your needs and budget
  • Reliable & safe solar power, with a fast return on investment.
  • Quote includes rebates and tax benefits for fast assessment.
10kw SMA inverter installed at Brisbane warehouse

SMA inverter we installed at Ecoflo warehouse, Brisbane 2018


Solazone installing solar panels on a shop

Solazone shops in Marcoola, 2012

It makes good sense – payback time is around 3 years!


Solazone factory roof

Testing solar systems on Solazone factory roof


Show us a power bill, and we promise we can save you money.

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