Stove Flue Heat Exchangers

Stove Flue Heat Exchangers


Solazone provides a variety of Wood Stove Heat Exchangers to suit most wood stoves and hot water service tanks.

Wood stove - location of heat exchanger

Wood stove – location of heat exchanger

These heat exchangers are designed to operate at low pressure so that if the circulation stops for any reason, and the stove is still working, the steam will vent out and will not cause an explosion and rupture of the heat exchanger or pipework.

Copper coil heat exchangers

Stove flue heat exchanger

This design incorporates a wound copper tube inserted between inner and outer stainless steel sleeves.  It looks great, is easy to keep clean, and will not clog up with soot.

Dimensions of stove heat exchanger

Dimensions of wood stove heat exchanger


Internal flue diameter 150mm
Outside diameter 180mm
Length 908mm
Copper coil diameter 1/2 inch
Coil fittings 1/2 inch
Copper coil protrusion distance 80mm


The diameter and length of the copper coil have been carefully sized to slow the water flow to allow optimal collection of heat from the flue gases.

Showing the coil inside the stove flue heat exchanger

Showing the coil inside the stove flue heat exchanger

Price: $789


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