Calculating STCs

How to calculate STCs for Solar power systems.


Different areas of Australia experience different sunlight conditions, so the value of the Smallscale Technology Certificates (STCs) vary for each solar power system, depending upon its location.

Solazone can calculate the value of the STC’s for you, or you can do it yourself, using the formula and table below.

To calculate the STCs, just multiply as follows

  1. Calculate No. of kw solar panels x deeming period (5 to 15 years) x zone multiplyer (from table above). [eg. 3 kw x 15 yrs x 1.382 (zone 3) = 62,19 (62 STCs)]
  2. The number must be rounded down to the nearest whole number.
  3. Add up the total amount of STCs by the above calculation, then round down to the next whole number.
  4. This will give the actual number of STCs that can be created for the system.
  5. Finally, multiply the number of STCs by the current trading value of STCs (currently approx $30 each) to work out the incentive payment available for your solar power system.



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