In-ground Cooling System

Solar in-ground Cooling system


This Solar-powered In-ground cooling kit is used for drawing cooled air, cooled by passing through a network of buried Polypipe tubes, into the house. It comes ready to install, complete with insect screens and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

It is a very effective way to keep the house cool and comfortable during hot weather.  Depending on the house size, one or more kits may be required to cool the area, similar to using a bigger aircon for cooling bigger spaces, or adverse building designs.  A single kit is suitable for cooling approximately 30 to 70 square meters of living space. depending on climate area.

Parts included in the kit are 2 x 300 mm Ventilator pipes, 2 x 650 mm Vertical connecting pipes, 1.5 m horizontal pipe, 90-degree bend, pipe coupling, filter to keep out insects, fan in metal tube, weatherproof cap for the inlet pipe, valve frames and screws, injection nozzle, Aluflex pipe, 25 mm plastic plugs and 125 m roll of 25 mm ribbed Polypipe


In-ground cooling system componentsThis cooling system will use the cooling effect of the lower ground temperature to reduce the temperature indoors. The In-Ground Cooling System enables you to cool your house or office by drawing fresh cooled air in through a series of pipes buried up to a metre underground.  Ideally, the air intake should be in a cool, shaded area outside, and the pipes installed in slightly damp ground e.g. where a garden is watered, as the evaporation of any moisture helps the performance of the cooling system. The In-Ground cooling system has proved very effective in Australian conditions, not only helping you to keep cool, but also ensuring good ventilation throughout summer.



solar in-ground cooling system installation

Every installation is different, however, based on customer feedback – we have concluded that the average system on a hot 35 degrees day supplies about 21 degrees cool air into your home without any running cost or carbon emissions.


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