Inverter not working

Inverter not working


To check whether there is an actual inverter fault, or there is another cause, you can easily and safely perform this simple Inverter Health Check by carefully following these instructions:

IMPORTANT:  Carefully follow this procedure exactly to ensure your safety.


First step – switching everything off – AC and DC isolators, to reset the inverter.  Read these instructions in full before doing anything:

1.  First, switch off the Inverter Supply Switch, which is clearly marked with a red label and is located in the switchboard or meter box.  Down is off.  (No need to switch off anything else in the switchboard.)

2.  Next, switch off the Solar DC Supply switch, always located next to, under, or on the inverter itself.  Green is off, if there is colour.

3.  Wait for a full 60 seconds.  At this stage, all lights should be off, and the display screen should be blank.

4. Leave everything switched off for at least two full minutes, before proceeding to the next step.   Remember, up to 600 volts DC can still be present inside the inverter for several minutes, even after it has been switched off.  Allow any capacitors inside to discharge.


Second step, rebooting the inverter.

1. Keep a notepad and a pen handy, to exactly record what happens next.

2. First, switch on the Solar DC Supply switch next to the inverter, and record what happens.  (You may get some lights showing, or something on the digital display)

3.  Second, switch on the Inverter Supply switch, and again record what happens, and what lights come on, flashing or still.

4. If there is a display, it should start counting backwards at this point, or there may be a flashing light, for at least a full 60 seconds.

5.  At the end of at least 60 seconds, you should hear a slight noise, a click, and the inverter should start.

6. If the inverter does not start up, or there is an error message on the display, record exactly what it says, and let us know when you call or email.


We may also ask for some additional information, including the Make, Model, and Serial Number of the inverter, and the date of the original installation, in order to best advise you on what your best options may be, and why.

We do not charge for this advice, even if you were not originally our customer.  We are genuinely pleased to be able to assist you.

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