Latronics PV Edge Inverters

Latronics PV Edge Inverters

Latronics PV Edge Inverters are well-known, reliable, well-built Australian Inverters, made in a solar-powered factory on the Sunshine Coast.

They do not have the latest certificates for new installations, however replacement units are still manufactured, and are available for sale.

Latronics PV Edge 1200 watt inverter

Latronics PV Edge 1200 watt Inverter

Latronics PV Edge solar inverters use a unique solar panel setup known as parallel string configuration.

This design is especially good for small groups of solar panels in different orientations, or sunlight conditions, and operates at a lower, safer solar panel array voltage, while having the advantages of reliability, flexibility and superior energy yield for the complete solar system.

Features of Latronics PV Edge Inverters

The Latronics PV Edge Series Inverter utilizes the most advanced microprocessor algorithms which guarantee that your power conversion is pure and stable.

Energy Meter – Digital Energy meter enables the accurate display of total generated power.

Wall-mount design – Allows flexibility and ease of installation.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – The solar array is held at the optimum voltage and continually monitored to achieve maximum power output under any conditions.

Reliability – Over 25 years of experience and continuous adherence to stringent quality standards ensure optimum reliability backed with full 5-year parts and labour warranty.

Full Electronic Protection – Sophisticated circuitry provides protection against overload, AC over/under voltage, AC frequency errors, DC over/under voltage, over temperature and anti-islanding via active phase shift.

Frequency 50/60 Hz selectable – Fully selectable between 50/60Hz via a set of internal dip switches.

Night Time Disconnect – Automatic disconnection at night and reconnection in the morning ensures zero power wastage.

Versatile – Suitable for use with Solar Modules, Wind Generators, Micro Hydro and other Renewable Sources.

Parallel Operation – Ability to parallel units provides easy system expansion.

Durable Construction – Latronics Grid Connect Inverters are made to the highest quality to provide years of reliable operation.

Corrosion Conscious Design – Latronics Inverters are built for extreme environments using a recyclable powder-coated aluminium casing, a more noble metal than steel.

High Efficiency – The latest low loss switching technology combined with a high-efficiency toroidal transformer maximizes the PV Edge output even under conditions of minimal solar radiation.

Isolation – Galvanic isolation within the PV Edge provides optimal protection for your system and your household.

LED Status Indicators – A full set of LED’s keeps the user informed of its operation at all times.

Output Power In 25% Increments

  • Grid Monitoring – Stability Check
  • Solar Input ON
  • Grid Fault
  • Overload

Australian Made – A complete Australian made product, proudly designed and manufactured in Australia by a 100% Australian owned company.

Input Data PVE1200 PVE2500
Maximum solar
input power
1600 W 3100 W
Maximum DC input current 25 A 25 A
Maximum DC input voltage 103 V 206 V
Maximum power point tracking range (MPPT) 54 – 100 VDC 108 – 200 VDC
Ideal operating window (Array VOC) 80 – 90 VDC 160 – 180 VDC
Automatic turn ON (PV Mode) 70 VDC 140 VDC
Automatic turn ON (Battery Mode) 54 VDC 108 VDC
Starting operation 10 W
Reverse polarity protection Short circuit diode across DC input terminals
Output data PVE1200 PVE2500
Output power 1250 W 2500 W
Output voltage Range 205 – 265 Vac
Output frequency 50 Hz (+/-1Hz)
Peak efficiency 94% 95%
Night time power consumption NIL – Automatically disconnects from AC grid
Input/ouput isolation 3500 V via Toroidal Transformer
Operating temperature -10ºC to 50ºC
Anti-islanding protection Over/under Voltage, over/under frequency, active Phase Shift
General data PVE1200 PVE2500
Status indicators LCD Energy Meter
Output power In 25% increments
Grid monitoring – Stability check
Solar input ON
Grid fault
Weight 11 kg 22 kg
Dimensions mm
330 H x 296 W x 150 D 370 H x 386 W x 180 D
Prices June 2023 $995 $1395


Latronics Inverter Change-over and Repair Service

Does your Latronics inverter have flashing lights or intermittent operation?    It will become unreliable and need to be repaired.

Don’t worry, the factory is located in Australia, and Latronics inverter repairs are quick and thorough, with a complete system software update.

We often have fully reconditioned Latronics PV Edge change-over inverters in stock, so that you can get up and running again on the same day.

Reconditioning prices are as follows:

PVE1200: $695 changeover or recondition

PVE2500: $795 changeover or recondition

Freight and service charges are extra.     One year warranty applies.


Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure

Latronics PV Edge Inverter outdoor-enclosure

Latronics PV Edge Inverter outdoor enclosure

The Latronics Outdoor Enclosure is designed to allow your PV Edge inverter to be installed outdoors quickly and easily. Custom mounting studs allow simple bolt in installation.

Very Easy Installation -Allows quick installation of PVE1200, PVE2500 with mounting nuts supplied.

IP43 Rated Enclosure -IP21 rated PV Edge housed inside an IP43 weatherproof enclosure is extremely safe.

Vented Enclosure -Efficient ventilation allows best performance from your inverter.

Corrosion Conscious Design -High quality powder coated Zinc Aneal.

Versatile – Suitable for PVE 1200 and PVE 2500.

Easy Cabling -Four conduit entries for neat routing of cable.

Australian – Proudly made in Australia by 100% Australian company.

Dimensions -510 x 485 x 200mm


Easy-to-install battery back-up to Grid-connection.

So very versatile


It’s easy to add wind or battery back-up to Latronics PV Edge Inverters for reliable 24 hour power, even when the grid is down. It just means that when everyone else has no power, your house runs as normal, still producing power from the sun. No loss of spoiled food from the refrigerator, no resetting of clocks and alarms, and for a business, all the lights and cash registers can keep on working.

Ask us for a quote for a back-up system designed to suit your needs. You may be surprised at how little it costs.

Latronics PV Edge Inverter connection diagram

Latronics PV Edge Inverter connection diagram


Available now for upgrades and replacements.

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