Clivus Multrum

Clivus Multrum Compost Toilets


 CM2 – Compact stand-alone toilet.


The CM2 – efficient, low-cost, 2-person full-time composting toilet, that is easy to install, keep clean and simple to use.

Very popular as a temporary toilet,  can be used whilst building a house, for weekenders, and as an economical and pleasant alternative for an extra toilet, or an emergency toilet.

Clivus compact CM2

Simple and effective design, this waterless toilet is light on the environment, and has been installed in a variety of homes, from holiday bush blocks, suburban homes, rural properties, golf courses, and everything else in between.

Clivus mini CM2Clivus mini CM2 insidesClivus mini CM2 how it works

How does this 2 person waterless toilet work?
Using simple organic decomposition to break down waste into safe compost, the CM2 produces clean, healthy and odourless compost (it will smell like rich, dark, moist and healthy garden soil) that you can use in gardens, for fruit trees, or as a nutrient-rich topsoil or mulch.

How long does it take to fill up a container?
The CM2 comes with 2 x 32 litre containers (with a 25 litre capacity) that on average will collect about 4 weeks worth of material (depending on use).

If you have more than 2 people using the system full time, these times may reduce.   After a few weeks of using the CM2 system you will have a good idea of how often the container needs to be emptied.

Where can I empty the waste?
This is a personal choice, but ultimately all waste from the CM2 waterless composting toilets will eventually turn into usable compost that is great for your garden.     The best solution is to put the out-of-service lid on the black container and let the waste compost within the container itself, out in the sun.    This usually takes around 60 days, and then you are able to reuse the container.

Installation information
Once installed there is no need to disconnect anything because, unlike other low-cost waterless composting toilets, the CM2 pedestal remains in place with only the internal compost chamber changing.    The CM2’s capacity can be increased by introducing additional composting chambers.

Key Features:

  • Compact and self-contained
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Sits directly on the bathroom floor
  • 100% water-less and natural
  • 2 compost chambers are included for 2 people full-time. More compost chambers can be purchased to increase capacity usage.

Price:  Just $900  – Available in white or black.

Additional Composting  Chambers (incl. lid) are available from $95

*All prices shown are ex-Brisbane factory, and a freight charge will apply.

Read CM2 Owners Manual here.


 CM2CS – Compact stand-alone toilet with automatic screen

Same efficient, clean and compact composting toilet as above, however, this one comes fitted with an automatically-opening screen, which closes over the entrance, so you can’t see the compost inside.   It doesn’t open until you are sitting on the seat.

The flaps remain closed unless you sit on the seat, so it displays that extra bit of class.

cm2cs - removing the top

cm2cs – removing the top

Price:  Just $1040  – Available in white only.

Additional Composting  Chambers (incl. lid) are available from $95

*All prices shown are ex-Brisbane factory, and a freight charge will apply.

Read CM2 Owners Manual here.



  CM8 – Family-sized Split System

Full-time family toilet, with no bins to replace, ever.

Perfect for full time family use, this composting toilet is clean and very user-friendly.

From the optional self-closing white pedestal, to the huge-capacity composting chamber, this system is thought out for those who want a normal-looking bathroom, with minimal cleaning out and servicing.   There are no chambers to change-over; just remove some composted garden mulch with a spade, a couple of times a year.   Everything gets digested – paper, urine and solids, with the result being excellent fertiliser for your fruit trees.

closed CM8 pedestal

closed CM8 pedestal

The CM8 composting chamber has huge capacity, without great height.  In some cases, the front part of the chamber may be buried up to 200mm, in the ground to reduce the bathroom floor height.

Compost toilet cm8 tank

Compost toilet cm8 tank

*All prices shown are plus freight from Brisbane factory.

How it works:

clivus- how it works

clivus- how it works


  CM10 – CM40  Larger split systems for groups.

cm10 composting toilet

cm10 composting toilet

CM10 CAPACITY: 6-7 people full time Daily: 25 visits (average) Annual: 10,000 visits
DIMENSIONS:Height: 1100mm Length: 1550mm Width: 1550mm
FLOORSPACE REQUIRED:Minimum clearance under floor: 1000mm Maximum buried in ground at front: 200mm Maximum fixture: 2 pedestals
MATERIALS:UV resistant rotomoulded polyethylene tank. Stainless steel front baffle & air ducts and a polyethylene rear air baffle.

The CM10 is ideal for family homes with more than one toilet and small public facilities, especially where two pedestals are required.

The CM10 is approved in QLD, NSW, ACT, WA and TAS. (The products are approved only if installed as per the installation manual)

Tank Package includes:

  • Fully assembled composting tank
  • Heavy duty 12 volt fan and 240V transformer
  • Vent pipe flashing, fan housing and vent rain cover. (150mm)
  • Maintenance tool
  • Starter bacteria
  • Sealant and screws
  • Installation Manual
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual

In addition, the following items can also be purchased to complete your waterless composting toilet:

Ventilation & Drain Kit includes:

  • PVC Ventilation pipes
  • (4.5m) and brackets
  • Roof flashing collar
  • Liquid drain pipe (1 m)
  • Absorption trench arch

Pedestal Package includes:

  • Premium toilet pedestal (in white, charcoal grey or black), and quality white seat
  • Hold down bolts/screws
  • Signs and stickers
  • Toilet chute (0.7m) and collar
  • Wooden toilet seat can be supplied instead of white seat.

Make up your own customised system using all or any of the above packages

CM Operation and Maintenance Manual

CM Tanks Installation Manual


ModelNo. of personsH x L x W  mm
Prices (ex factory)
CM8up to 5 full time1100 x 1550 x 1250$3199
CM10up to 7 full time1100 x 1550 x 1550$3499
CM14up to 9 full time1100 x 2050 x 1500$3650
CM20up to 13 full time1630 x 2390 x 1200$4950
CM40up to 28 full time1780 x 2430 x 1890$7850

*All prices shown are plus freight from Brisbane factory.


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