SMA Inverters

SMA Inverters


SunnyBoy 1.5 / 2.5 inverters


The completely redesigned Sunny Boy 1.5/2.5 is the perfect inverter for customers who want to take full advantage of their small PV system. Among other features, it enables an increase in consumption of self-generated power, allows versatile uses, and is very easy to integrate into the home network. In addition, its innovative design and new communication concept offer many advantages during installation and commissioning.


Thanks to direct communication with the SMA Energy Meter, both limitation to 70 percent, which is required in Germany, and limitation to 0 percent is possible.

SunnyBoy 3.0, 4.0 & 5.0 inverters

The new Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0 succeeds the world‘s most installed residential string inverter, the Sunny Boy 3000 – 5000TL. It is more than just a PV inverter:

sma-5-0 inverter

sma-5-0 inverter

For the first time the new Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0 solution comes with SMA Smart Connected that offers PV system owners and installers true comfort and ease. The automatic inverter monitoring by SMA analyzes operation, reports irregularities and minimizes downtime.


In 3 kW to 5 kW power classes, the Sunny Boy is ideally suited to solar power generation in private homes.

Thanks to its extremely light design and the modern user interface, the device can be easily and quickly installed. Current communication standards make the inverter future-proof, meaning SMA storage solutions and SMA Smart Home can be added at any time.

  • Secure plug-and-play installation without opening the inverter
  • High system design flexibility: suitable for more module types and complicated rooftops
  • Compact and lightweight design (< 16 kg)
  • Integrated webserver for easy commissioning and local monitoring


SunnyBoy SB3000TL-21, SB4000TL-21 & SB5000TL-21

Australia’s most popular higher end PV inverters for residential systems. 

SMA-Sunny-Boy-SB5000TLThe Sunny Boy SB3000TL-21 inverter is universally applicable thanks to integrated grid management functions. This new model also includes Reactive Power Control.

The SMA SB3000TL-21 inverter is the ideal solution particularly for demanding PV arrays and partially shaded plants: As multi-string devices, the new transformerless Sunny Boy SB3000TL-21 model offers maximum planning and installation flexibility. The high DC voltage of 750 V proves to be a cost advantage, since fewer parallel strings are required. In addition, the integrated grid management functions make the devices suitable for universal applications and allow them to actively support the grid. The SMA SB3000TL-21 also incorporates a new wall mounting system further facilitates installation.


  • Maximum efficiency of 97 %
  • Multi-string technology
  • Cost savings due to fewer parallel strings
  • Shade management with OptiTrac Global Peak


  • Maximum DC input voltage of 750 V
  • Integrated grid management functions thanks to reactive power supply


  • Without fan
  • Simplified wall mounting
  • SUNCLIX DC plug-in system
  • Quick connection without tools


  • Simple country configuration
  • Bluetooth technology as standard
  • Multi-function relay included


  • SMA Factory Warranty: Minimum 5 years
  • SMA Warranty Extension up to 25 years
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Display: Graphic
  • Dimensions (W / H / D): 490 / 519 / 185 mm


SMA 5000SE Smart Energy – With Combined 2kWh Battery


SMA Sunny Boy Smart Energy

Sunny Boy sb5000se-10 inverter

Sunny Boy sb5000se-10 inverter


SMA 5kW dual MPPT inverter with 2kWh lithium ion battery integrated in one easy-to-mount package

The new Sunny Boy Smart Energy the easiest solution for typical residential PV applications. This combination of a modern PV inverter and a battery with an effective capacity of 2 kWh not only optimizes energy consumption
but also makes it possible to use home-generated solar energy around the clock. The Sunny Boy Smart Energy is the first wall-mountable, series-produced PV inverter to feature an integrated lithium-ion battery, making it perfect for use in the SMA Smart Home. Additionally, the integrated Webconnect function provides worldwide access to consumption and yield data via Sunny Portal.

Battery capacity of 2kWh

Increased self-consumption

Outstanding efficiency. 

Low-cost installation thanks to quick and easy wall mounting – comparable to a standard PV inverter.

Up to 50% less electricity from utility companies.

Integrated Webconnect function which communicates with Sunny Portal via Ethernet.

Multifunction relay for easy load management


More Sunny Boy storage options here:


SMA Sunny Tripower 20000-25000 

Ideal for industrial and commercial installations

  • With webconnect and display
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.4%
  • Dual mppt
  • 5 year warranty
  • Can monitor up to 4 inverters without additional montoring device.
SMA 20-25kw inverter

SMA 20-25kw inverter


SMA Sunny Webbox (RS485)

SMA Sunny WebBox

The SMA Sunny RS485 Webbox is ideal monitoring solution for medium sized and large PV plants. The Sunny WebBox receives and stores data from the inverter via RS485, allowing you to remain constantly informed of your plant performance. In the event of a problem, you can react quickly and secure your yields.

As a multifunctional data logger, it offers you a wide range of possibilities for displaying, archiving and further processing your system data via Sunny Matrix, Flashview or Sunny Portal. Regardless of your location, all you need to access the Sunny WebBox data is a PC with an internet connection.



  • Automatic monitoring of up to 50 inverters
  • Remote monitoring, diagnosis and configuration of the pv plant
  • Rapid detection of operation failures

User friendly

  • Quick set up thanks to the Sunny WebBox Assistant and quick reference guide

Free Sunny Portal access

  • Includes free standard access to Sunny Portal for the entire service life of the plant
  • Flexible display, evaluation, yield and event reports via Sunny Portal

SMA Sunny Home Manager


The SMA Sunny Home Manager is the control centre for smart energy management and monitoring. Coupled with the SMA Energy Meter,  the SMA Home Manager is the intelligent monitoring and control behind solar power generation, battery storage and electricity fed from the main network. With standard access to the Sunny Portal. The Sunny Home Manager is the ideal solution for simple plant monitoring and intelligent energy management. The SMA Sunny Home Manager provides an overview of all energy flows within in a household or workplace, and combines this information with a forecast of the plant-specific PV generation. The result is, the Sunny Home Manger allows a higher self-consumption ratio and a highly efficient use of energy from the environmental point of view.

SMA Sunny Home Manager at a glance

  • Consumption analysis for individual loads
  • Management of home energy consumption remotely
  • Regional weather forecasting
  • Recommended actions displayed
  • Convenient commissioning with the plant setup assistant
  • Overview of all energy flows in the home/workplace
  • Convenient plant monitoring via Sunny Portal
  • Visual displays of weather and PV yield forecasts
  • A key component in the SMA Smart Home solution benefits.

SMA Sunny View


The SMA Sunny View provides you with an overview of all of your plant data live and in colour. Solar system owners can use the large, easy-to-read five-inch colour touchscreen to display all key PV data at home, as well as to receive news, meteorological data, and posts from social networks such as facebook via WLAN.


The SMA Sunny View provides freely configurable slideshow of important data from your solar system. The information generated includes power generation, current meteorological data or information on CO2 avoidance.


Operation of the SMA Sunny View is intuitive via the large easy-to-read five-inch colour touchscreen. That means that both slideshow configuration and retrieving desired data is possible with just a few clicks. The self-explanatory navigation and clear presentation leave no questions unanswered.


The SMA Sunny View does not just look good, it’s also sitting pretty when security is required. It can communicate via Bluetooth with up to 12 inverters and can send a visual and acoustic warning signal in the event of a failure. Furthermore, data archiving and backup take place via microSD card. Included below are the links to download the SMA Sunny View installation guide and data sheet.


SMA Australian inverter List

SMA Australian inverter List


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