Solar Air Heater kills it!

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Back of SAM module

Yes!  Kill the cold, damp feeling inside the house!


Latest installation of a SAM solar air heater on the roof of a house in the middle of a large forest, demonstrated that in the middle of winter, this device provides fresh air at 33 degrees into the house.   The warm air heats the thermal mass in the house, making it feel comfortable day and night.

sam4 installation

Installation of SAM4 solar Air Heating System.

The point is, that by installing this modular air heater on your house, you can have a warm and snug home, in any environment, without paying for the cost of heating, or running the fan.   It all works directly from the sun.

As well as which, this changes the concept of home heating.  You don’t turn the heat on when you get home – it is fully automatic and just heats the home, so it is already warm when you get home!

Installing SAM solar heating

Installing SAM solar heating

Whenever a cloud passes overhead, you can just hear the fan motor slowing down, so that the air being injected into the living room remains at about the same temperature.  Once the cloud passes, the fan speeds up, and the heater works even harder to heat your room.

Installing third SAM solar heating collector

Installing third SAM solar heating collector

This device is ideal for changing those cold rooms in the house into usable, comfortable living spaces.  We have heated living spaces, bedrooms, and even dried out damp, mouldy bathrooms.   The number of SAM modules needed depends on the size of the space needing heating, and the temperature you require.    Because the SAM heats fresh, outside air, this heater does not contribute to allergies or dust in the room.  In fact it is ideal for freshening closed rooms where people gather and the humidity rises.

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