Ozone Water Treatment for Swimming Pools & Spas

Ozone water treatment for Pools & Spas

The Ozone Advantage – the best water you will swim in !

Ozone is often referred to as Nature’s Cleaner: it is the most effective disinfecting agent commercially available.

Ozone is widely used in Europe and North America to sanitize air and water.

It is environmentally friendly and economically efficient. Ozone greatly diminishes the need for alternative chemical sanitizers, like chlorine, and in some applications may reduce water consumption needs.

Unfortunately, obtaining reliable and cost-effective ozone systems in Australia has not been easy – until now. Over the past ten years research and development conducted by Ozone1 has made possible affordable, efficient and easy to use ozonation systems for water sanitation and air purification. These products incorporate a corona discharge reactor – as opposed to UV lights – thus ensuring reliable, consistent and cost-effective ozone levels


The main benefits of our Ozone Swim systems are as follows:
  • Ozone Swim allows pool owners to dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine required therefore extending the life of expensive salt cells and greatly
    reducing  the amount of balancing chemicals required.  i.e a cid buffer etc. 
  • Ozone is a natural flocculant which improves the clarity of the water without having to add c hemicals
  • Ozone will safely and effectively destroy chlorine by-products (the direct cause of irritations) as well as chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium
  • Ozone breaks down contaminants approx 3500 times faster than chlorine leaving only oxygen as a residual.
Maintenance: The  m aintenance for an Ozone Swim system is less than traditional  c hlorinators as the Ozone  c omponent has no moving parts and requires little to no maintenance.  F or example ,  the re  is a pre-filter that we recommend replacing every 6 months (half a cotton wool ball) and a check valve we recommend replacing every 12 months. Balancing chemicals are reduced – not eliminated.


Ozone water sanitation for pools, spas & water features

The solution for clean, hygienic water without the smell and irritation caused by high levels of chlorine is crystal clear – it’s ozone!

Ozone has been used for nearly a century in Europe and the USA to sanitise and purify water. In southern California, for example, ozone has approval for all aqueous applications. Now it can be used safely and cost effectively to keep your pool, spa or water feature clean and healthy.

Ozone1’s OzoneSwim product line combines the benefits of salt water chlorination with the power of ozone to create the ultimate in soft, sanitary and odour free water. OzoneSwim products are the ideal solution for customers that want high quality water while at the same time would like to reduce their reliance on chemical additives.

OzoneSwim is the ideal solution for treating pools, spas and water features because it:

  • Disinfects by rapidly killing all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts
  • Breaks down dissolved impurities such as oils and organic wastes
  • Improves filtration of suspended solids

Advantages of Ozone.

Ozone Swim Pool Sanitation Systems are a proven and effective complement to chlorine and other chemical based systems to disinfect your swimming pools. Ozone in combination with chlorine is known as the Dynamic Duo – a powerful oxidizing combitation.

The primary advantage of Ozone Swim sanitation systems is that Ozone significantly reduces the formation of chlorine by-products, notably chloramines and trialomethanes. These by-products are readily apparent in indoor environments because they can create a strong smell, but occur in outdoor pools as well. Monitored trials have shown chloramine levels dropping to .08 ppm. Because of the reduction in chlorine by-products, there will be fewer complaints about red eyes, dry, itchy skin and respiratory ailments. Ozone also oxidises oils and other contaminants within the water.

Ozone Swim systems are easily adjusted to suit bather load, temperature, turnover rate and primary disinfection method.

How Ozone works.

Most of us have heard about ozone but only know it as the layer in the upper atmosphere that protects the Earth from harmful radiation.

Ozone is triatomic oxygen (O3). It is made both commercially and naturally by a high voltage electrical discharge process which converts oxygen (O2) into ozone. For instance, it is ozone that gives the distinctly fresh odour you can smell after an electrical thunderstorm. In fact, the name ozone is derived from the Greek word “ozein”, which means “to smell”, in recognition of its unique odour. Man-made ozone simply mimics nature’s manufacture in devices known as corona discharge reactors.

Discovered in the 1840s and used commercially in water treatment
for over 100 years, ozone is a very reactive gaseous compound that rapidly breaks down most organic molecules while quickly killing most single cell micro-organisms. In fact, ozone is the most effective disinfecting agent commercially available. Ozone also has a very short half-life, with simple oxygen as its decomposition or reaction product. Indeed, ozone is often referred to as “Nature’s Cleaner” because its use will not result in the formation of other environmentally persistent and toxic chemicals, such as the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons seen with the use of chlorine.

For these reasons, ozone is now commonly used in lieu of chlorine and other chemical additives for water sanitisation and air purification in the following industries:

  • Cooling towers for sanitation, corrosion control and scale control
  • Swimming pools, spas and water features for disinfection
  • Municipal/industrial waste water for disinfection, odour control and water reclamation
  • Food processing for wash water and cold storage sanitation
  • Potable water for disinfection and organic oxidation
  • Pulp and paper products for bleaching and waste treatment
  • Fish hatcheries/aquaculture for disinfection

Incorporates a patented corona discharge Ozone cell, and comes complete with injector manifold.

Designed to reduce chlorine levels by 80%, works in conjunction with existing Salt Chlorinators, Chemical dosing systems, and tablet feeders. It is also suitable for water features.

Questions & Answers…

What is Ozone?

Ozone is triatomic oxygen (O3). Ozone is created naturally in the atmosphere; in fact, you are breathing trace elements of ozone right now.
Ozone is widely used to sanitize both air and water.   For example, if you drink bottled water odds are it is ozonated; when boarding international
flights that fresh smell at the door is ozone to disinfect air entering the plane.   One of the great properties about ozone is that it is environmentally
friendly: when injected into pool water it breaks down within minutes into simple oxygen, but when doing so it kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts
that can exist in pool water, as well as breaking down dissolved impurities, like suntan cream. Unlike chemicals there is no long lasting residue.

How does ozonating my pool benefit my family and me?

A common complaint amongst pool and spa owners is that the water irritates the eyes and causes dry, itchy skin. Ozonated water will not do
that.   Our systems combine the benefits of chlorination with the power of ozone; but importantly, because ozone is injected into the water, the
chlorinator is turned way down.   We recommend running your chlorinator at one third its current level.   Within days you will notice that your swimming pool water is noticeably softer, crystal clear and odour free.
Is ozonating my pool cost effective?ozone injector venturi

Our ozone-based systems are less expensive to run than current chlorination systems:   Because the chlorinator unit is turned down, electricity consumption is reduced.    In addition, barring a heavy pool load (due to large numbers of swimmers, ducks in the pool, leaves and debris not removed, etc.), the need to add chemicals is reduced.    Fewer backwashes will also be required.

Are there other environmental or health and safety advantages?

Because ozone has a very short half life (in the order of minutes in the water), ozone cannot build up in he water to unsafe high levels as is the case with other chlorine, bromine or organic-based biocides.    And because ozone decomposes into simple oxygen, ozone-treated pool water is further  oxygenated helping it maintain its freshness and clarity.   Further, ozone will not form chloramines or other chlorinated hydrocarbons upon reaction with organic material in the pool water.    Chloramines, formed by reaction of chlorine with organic material in the pool are the actual source of most offensive odors associated with highly chlorinated pools rather than the chlorine itself.    Chloramines are also responsible for the eye and skin irritation many people experience when using excessively chlorinated pools.    Other chlorinated organic by products found in pools have been associated with a variety of human ailments including allergies.

If ozone is so effective at purifying water, why use chlorine with ozone?

Proper use of ozone will provide the bulk of water purification and sanitation needs for swimming pools including sanitization and control of organic levels resulting from swimmers’ body oils & lotions.    Remember, however, that ozone very rapidly breaks down into simple oxygen within minutes of injection into the water.    Although this is advantageous from an environmental and health and safety point of view, it will also result in an insufficient ozone residual in the swimming pool water in spots of the pool far removed from the ozone-treated water inlet into the pool.    To provide for  sanitization in all parts of a pool, small amounts of chlorine are also used in ozone-treated pools to provide a residual disinfectant.   However, the amount of chlorine added to provide a minimum residual throughout the pool is drastically reduced when using ozone because the ozone destroys most organic material preventing it from reacting and consuming the added chlorine.

Ozone only, add ozone to existing pools – Ozoneswim 1200i Series

ozone 1200 generator

Ozone generator designed for a range of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Compatible with different sorts of existing pool sanitation methods.

Improves the water quality out of sight. Get sparkling, safe, clear water.

Max pool volume 1200iup to 80,000 litres
Max pool volume 1200iTup to 100,000 litres
Outputup to 1.6 g/hour
Power40 watts
Dimensions170 x 135 x 166 H

The 1200i Series Eco Friendly Pool Sanitation System designed to reduce chlorine levels by 80% works in conjunction with existing Salt Chlorinators, Chemical dosing systems and tablet feeders.    Also suitable for water features.   Incorporates a patented corona discharge Ozone cell.   Comes complete with injector manifold.

The 1200iT Series Eco Friendly Pool Sanitation System consists of two corona discharge cells designed to reduce chlorine levels in water features, larger residential pools, small learn to swim schools and hydrotherapy pools.   Incorporates the patented corona discharge Ozone cell.   Comes complete with injector manifold and static mixer.


Ozone with salt chlorinator – Ozoneswim 1000, 2000 and 3000 Series

ozone 2000 generator

These models have the benefit of both Salt Chorination and Ozone, to produce soft, odour-free, crystal clear water.

They are designed to replace existing on-site chlorination systems, with significantly reduced chlorine levels to 0.5ppm. Comes complete with injector manifold.

Ozone Swim model
1000 series 2000 series3000 series
Max pool volume (l)
Max Ozone Output (g/hr)
Reverse Polarity Salt Cell
10 amp
20 amp
30 amp
Power200 watts
Dimensions470 x 170 x 170 H
Weight8.6 kg


Solar-powered Zero3 12 volt Solar Series 

Have both Salt Chorination and Ozone, running directly from your own solar panels, to produce soft, odour free, crystal clear water, with absolutely no running costs.

Can also be run from a 12 volt battery, or a DC power supply.

These are designed to replace existing on-site salt or chlorination systems, with significantly reduced chlorine levels to 0.5ppm, and can run from 12 volt batteries, or just two solar panels.

We supply the kit complete with injector manifold, and a 40/50mm salt chlorinator cell.

Maximum pool volumeup to 100,000 litres
Outputup to 1.2 g/hr
Reverse Polarity Salt Cell20 amp


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