Solazone Silicate Series 2 Gel Batteries

Solazone Silicate ‘Series 2′ Gel Batteries

  • reliable technology,
  • non-polluting, top-quality silicate gel batteries,
  • high performance and long cycle life,
  • robust in adverse environments,
  • non-spillable, stack them any orientation,
  • maintenance – free,
  • supplied with interconnecting links.


Solazone tubular plate gel battery

Solazone tubular plate gel battery

Solazone Silicate Gel batteries are durable in any climate, can sustain heavy discharges, and they retain their charged condition when stored, for ages.  Ideal for Grid back-up use, for power wall applications (Solazone batteries are stackable and safe), and also for remote power systems, because of their maintenance-free design.   

Solazone silicate batteries excel in industrial, commercial and all domestic uses.


Solazone Silicate ‘Series 2′ Gel battery features:

  • High Storage capacity.
  • High current recharge rate (0.8°C – 1.0°C).
  • Able to sustain high discharge rates, resulting in a battery that can be discharged at 30C within 8 seconds with no damage to the battery.
  • Wide working temperature range (-50°C to +70°C).
  • Long life when used under normal working conditions.
  • Low self-discharge – full charge can be maintained for a year when stored at normal temperatures.
  • No recharge memory.
  • No acid mist emission when charging or discharging.
  • No pollution from the electrolyte.
  • The cycling charge life is as long as 10 or more years.
  • Over 400 cycles of full recharging (normal acid battery is 200 times).
  • Functions normally at up to 6,000 meters beneath the sea.
  • Environmentally Friendly – the electrolyte can be later used as fertilizer and the rest of the product recycled.
  • Maintenance Free.

Solazone Silicate Gel batteries – Power specifications

voltageCapacity AhDimensions (mm)WeightPrices

May 2017

C10 (Grid back up) C100 (Off-grid use) LWH
1210011540717320836.3 kg$404
12150 17253220721051.1 kg$554
12200230 54527524175.3 kg$734
2420575 14520647132.5 kg$449
2800 92019121064660 kg$869

Large or special orders supplied for individual projects, ask about our trade rates and delivery times.


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