Solazone Silicate (Eco) Batteries

Solazone Silicate Batteries

  • reliable technology,
  • non-polluting, top-quality silicate gel batteries,
  • high performance and long cycle life,
  • robust in adverse environments,
  • non-spillable, stack them any orientation,
  • maintenance – free,
  • supplied with interconnecting links.
Solazone tubular plate gel battery

Solazone tubular plate gel battery

Solazone Eco-batteries are durable in any climate, can sustain heavy discharges, and they retain their charged condition for ages.  Ideal for Grid back-up use, for power wall applications (Solazone batteries are stackable and safe), and also for remote power systems because of their maintenance-free design.    Solazone silicate batteries excel in industrial, commercial and all domestic uses.

Solazone silicate Eco-batteries in Eumundi Queensland

Solazone Eco-batteries running the Golf Driving Range clubhouse, irrigation pumps and sewage system, at Eumundi, Qld.


Solazone Eco-batteries are high power batteries developed and manufactured from US and Taiwanese technology.  The development process has taken many years.  Based on a brand new type of liquid low sodium silicate electrolyte, innovations have been made to the cell electrode structure, material composition and the battery manufacturing process.  Solazone Eco-batteries have successfully overcome many of the shortcomings of lead-acid batteries, such as acid corrosion, acid mist pollution, low energy & power density, and a short life span.


Solazone Eco-batteries installed in Victoria

Solazone Eco-batteries running a house, irrigation pumps, and charge for lawn mower & electric car at Hamilton, Vic.


Sodium silicate has a recognized edge over commonly used lead-acid batteries, due to the high capacity, high current output, rapid recharge times, good low temperature performance, long life span, and environmental-friendliness.   The Chinese Army has recently purchased a large shipment to provide a reliable power supply in the cold, northern interior region of China.   The neutral electrolyte does not corrode the electrodes, which makes it easy to recycle the lead after the battery service life.   The disposed electrolyte, in the state of semi-solid paste, can be used as a high quality fertilizer, rather than being a soil pollutant.   The factory is also environmentally rated as a “Factory of Environmental Friendliness” by the relevant environment protection authority, for its contribution to environmental protection.


The Solazone Eco-battery has much less memory effect, and is unaffected by very cold or very hot conditions.   Therefore this battery can be a big improvement on the performance of traditional lead-acid batteries.

Solazone high-performing Silicate (Eco) battery features:

  • Storage capacity up to 1.75 times that of international standards.
  • Exceeds the international recharge acceptance capacity standards by 2.68 times.
  • High current recharge rate (0.8°C – 1.0°C).
  • Able to sustain high discharge rates, resulting in a battery that can be discharged at 30C within 8 seconds with no damage to the battery.
  • Wide working temperature range (-50°C to +70°C).
  • Long life when used under normal working conditions.
  • Low self-discharge – full charge can be maintained for a year when stored at normal temperatures.
  • No recharge memory.
  • No acid mist emission when charging or discharging.
  • No pollution from the electrolyte.
  • The cycling charge life is as long as 10 or more years.
  • Over 400 cycles of full recharging (normal acid battery is 200 times).
  • Functions normally at up to 6,000 meters beneath the sea.
  • Environmentally Friendly – the electrolyte can be later used as fertilizer and the rest of the product recycled.
  • Maintenance Free.
Solazone Silicate Eco-battery - 2 Volt 1250Ah

Solazone Silicate Eco-battery – 2 Volt 1250Ah

 Solazone Silicate (Eco) batteries

– the perfect solar power deep cycle batteries – check this comparison!

FeaturesDeep cycle Lead-Acid AGM BatteriesSolazone Silicate BatteriesCompare the Results
Energy/Unit Weight29 watt hr/kg45 watt hr/kgHigher Capacity
Expected number of Charging Cycles (incl. Charge and Discharge)280400Higher Charging Cycles
Degree of SealingSealed (with a pressure relief valve)Tightly SealedAcid mist/maintenance free and safe
ElectrolyteSulfuric AcidSilicate CompoundPollution Free and Environmentally Friendly
Normal Charging Time4 – 8 hrs2 – 4 hrsShorter charging time
Fast Charging Time
2 – 3 hrsw0.5 hrsMuch shorter charging time
Internal Resistance>0.5 micro Ohm<0.05 micro Ohm10 times less when fully charged; 20 times less when fully discharged
Self-discharge Rate≤ 15% per month≤ 10% per 2 yearsSignificantly lower self discharging rate over long period of time
High current output3 – 7 c10 – 19 c2.5 – 3 times better
Lowest end-point voltage after discharging1.8 V1.2 – 1.8 V0.2-0.6 V
Memory-effect from Charging or DischargingMemory effect at low voltage zoneNo memory effectNo memory effect extends the service life of the battery
Recovery After DischargeRelatively poorParticularly strongResults
Storage Time Without Charging3-6 months1 – 2 yearsMuch longer storage time with minimal discharging conditions
Low Temperature PerformanceOutput drops dramatically below 0ºCFunctions normally at -40ºCFunctions normally at extreme conditions: -40ºC to + 70ºC
Highest Charging Current Available1.0 c2.5 c2.5 times higher
Service Life2 years5 – 10 yearsLonger service life with lower maintenance costs
Solazxone silicate batteries

2 volt 500Ah Solazone Eco-battery, and 12 volt 100Ah Solazone Eco-battery


Solazone Eco-batteries – Power specifications

voltageCapacity AhDimensions (mm)Weight
C10 (Grid back up) C100 (Off-grid use) LWH
127915265952 kg
12384417516519612.8 kg
1210011533017422030 kg
12120138 40717320935 kg
12150 17248417024043 kg
12200230 52224022061 kg
12250290 52027022071 kg
2400 46021117633025 kg
2500575 24117633030 kg
2800 92041017533049.5 kg
21100126547517533058.5 kg
21500172540135134291 kg
220002300491351383117 kg

Large or special orders supplied for individual projects, ask about our special rates and delivery times.

OEM and trade branding available for orders over $20,000.

Solazone Silicate (Eco) Traction Batteries

– For Golf Carts, Electric Scooters and Wheelchairs.

Same new technology, non-polluting, top-quality silicate gel batteries, with high performance, long cycle life, robust in adverse environments, for powering bikes, scooters and golf carts with no pollution.  These batteries are durable in any climate, can sustain heavy discharge, and retain their charged condition when not in use for ages.   The perfect golf cart traction battery!

VoltageCapacity Ahrsize (mm)Weight
1212Ah151991014.4 kg
1220Ah181771707 kg
1230Ah2229617610.4 kg
1240Ah22212117613.4 kg
6180Ah26018027533 kg

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