Green House Heating

Solar Greenhouse Heating

We have several ways of using the sun to heat greenhouses and crop drying sheds.  You may choose to use any one, or a combination of the following methods:

1. Solar Greenhouse Cover – no longer available

Greenhouse made from bubble wrap

Polybubble Greenhouse


2. Root-zone solar heating mat

Root zone solar heating mat, laid out on the benches in a greenhouse or plant nursery, keeps the plant root zone warm, and therefore keeps the plants propagating and growing much more quickly.

Typical propagating greenhouse

Heated water is pumped through the matting to ensure that the root zone of the plants remains at a constant warm temperature throughout the night.  The circulating water may be heated by solar, gas or electricity.

Substantial savings to heating costs have been found by using this root zone heating method, as there is no need to heat the entire greenhouse. By keeping the roots and soil at the right temperature, plants are relatively unaffected by small variations in air temperature within the greenhouse.

The unique features of this heat transfer mat ensure good heat transfer from the flat mat surface to the plant pots, and it can be neatly installed with plumbing at only one end of the propagation benches, whilst allowing for different temperature zones within the greenhouse by using flow control valves.
Each heating strip consists of 10 flattened tubes connected immediately adjacent to each other so there is good heat transfer to the plants.  Each strip is 160 mm wide, and the strips are laid side by side to cover the bench.  Each end of the strip is joined to a PVC pipe using a 10-barb manifold that plugs into the PVC pipe via a rubber grommet.  Installation is simple, and there are no leaks.

Complete & detailed installation instructions, including plumbing diagrams,  are supplied with every greenhouse heating kit.

ComponentPrices March 2017
Heating mat roll (25 m x 0.16 m wide)$175
Manifold & grommet (1 per strip)$16
PVC drilled in & out pipe set (1.2 m)$35
PVC drilled return pipe (1.2 m)$35
Circulation pump (750 watt)$380
Automatic temperature control$370

 Typical cost for a heating mat to cover a 6 metre x 1.2 metre propagation bench is around $445 including manifold pipes.


3. Solazone Air heating collectors

  • Solazone have a stock of solar air heaters suitable for crop drying in an established shed.
  • The collectors are made from colorbond steel, with heavy glass tops.
  • Size : 1.45 m x 2 m, can be used individually, or fitted together in an array.
  • Air must be circulated with a suitable fan, either running from electricity, or it’s own solar panel.

These solar collectors are located in Queensland, and are heavily discounted whilst existing stocks last.

Air heater on show

ComponentPrices March 2017
Solar Air Heat collector (2.8 sqm)$650
Extractor pipe manifold
Heat extractor fan 16w 12v
Solar panel (20 watt)$55
150 mm ducting available

Solar air heaters half price to clear last 10 units

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