Aerofortis Wind Generators

Aerofortis Wind Generator

The Champion Wind Turbine! Aerofortis specializes in eco-friendly wind turbines, that surpass competitors products in quality and efficiency. The Aerofortis team has been working on turbo machines, wind turbines and UAV design for over 15 years. We provide professional wind turbines using major aerospace technologies such as advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and ground radio receivers. The test centre is equipped with advanced computer software, a professional non-boundary layer high speed wind tunnel, and an electrical testing bed for generators.

some_textThe outstanding features of these products include the down-wind design, all-in-one ducted-blade (no bolts needed), near silent operation, high level of water and dust proofing, tail-less, vibration-less and compact build (only 6 bolts in total). These products are the best as far as quality and efficiency are concerned.

The big cowl acts as a down-wind venturi, encouraging a faster wind speed through the blades, resulting in higher performance in all normal wind conditions. No blade tips means higher efficiency and less noise.




Key Features

Revolutionary ducted blade, extremely silent in operation
Vibration and maintenance free tail-less design
IP65 & IEC 61400-2 certified heavy duty construction
State of the art PFC & MPP Tracker design
Adjustable parameter and real time multi-info LCD screen
Complete system safety protection
RS-485 and SO COM port
Quality Assured – All components are made in Taiwan, CE approved
Warranty – 2 Years

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1. On-Grid Wind /Solar combination – add wind input to your existing solar grid power system.

Multi-MPP Tracker Pure Sine Wave Inverter
A400 + HX-600

Absolutely silent and the most efficient system ever with 4 Maximum-Power-Point Trackers.

2. Off-Grid (battery charging application) – add wind input to your existing solar system.

aerofortis 400 shown in our shop

Used for boosting the power in an average family off-grid home, or a small business, and is able to generate independent energy for buildings, electrical equipment, as well as public shared electricity in a mini-grid. It is also suitable for powering green transportation (electric motorcycles or bicycles, yacht, boat, caravans and motor-homes) has also been used successfully to power lighting equipment (eg. street lamps, landscaping & garden lights, security lights) and also wireless surveillance systems.

ModelPrices April 2014
Aerofortis 400 watt off-grid 24 volt wind generator$2500
Aerofortis 400 watt wind generator with inverter$3500
Tower kit (8 metre) can be supplied at extra cost$1800



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