Rutland Wind Generators

Rutland Wind Generators


Rutland 913 / 914i Windcharger

Now with up to 30% more power

The latest Rutland 914i Windcharger intelligently uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to optimise the generator operation, to perfectly match the speed of the turbine, thereby achieving a highly efficient and reliable power output.

Features of the Rutland 914i:

– Delivers more ampere hours per day. Produces up to 30% more energy than the highly successful and market leading 913 model
– Uses the very latest technology and features an innovative new MPPT system
– Same compact size yet almost 3 times more powerful. The first 910mm diameter Rutland turbine produced 50w @ 10m/s (19 knots), and on the 914i it now produces a power rating of 140w @ 11m/s. Amazing improvement.
– Aerodynamically styled
– Extremely quiet and smooth in operation

Rutlands have over 30 years world wide sailing experience and have been used on sailing yachts because they give their owners total peace of mind and complete confidence.

Rutland Windchargers are also found on Inland boats, Caravans, Roadside Signs, Streetlights & Off-grid CCTV

Mounting requirements: Windgenerator stem fits inside a 41mm diameter stainless steel tube.

Rutland 1200 Windcharger

  1. The Rutland 1200 model maintains our reputation for turbines with a very low windspeed start up – this means that we capture energy from the lowest and most commonly experienced wind flows so you can rely on your Rutland for the energy you need.


  1. The finely designed blade profile remains almost silent across all wind speeds so you can rest assured that you and your neighbours will not be disturbed by aerodynamic noise. We have benchmarked this important feature against existing competitors and the Rutland 1200 is the quietest in the market.
  1. It’s powerful – in high winds the Rutland 1200 blade achieves high rotation levels thus delivering more power than any other turbine of its diameter range at 3, 6, 12 & 15m/s (6, 12, 23 & 29Knots)



HRDi Charge Controller

The HRDi is the latest wind & solar charge controller that evolves from and improves on the successful HRDX controller. The contemporary design meets the needs of ever increasing power demands and features a user selectable digital display. The controller incorporates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to regulate battery voltage preventing overcharge.

Charge control and split charging for use with Rutland 503, 504, 913 or FM910-3 and the 914i Windchargers, and up to 100 w of solar panels


Clear alpha-numeric digital LCD screen with user display options
Connectable to two independent battery banks with voltages shown on display
Push button activated and timer controlled back light
Autoconfiguration to 12 or 24 V supply
Latest technology micro controller based system shuts wind charger down when batteries are full
Wall mounted modern moulded structure with easy access connection ports
Manual shutdown switch
Bulk and float phase charge control indicated on LCD
Temperature compensation of charge voltage using internal sensor or external sensor also supplied
Optional remote display can be added via dedicated port (to follow later this year)
Accepts up to 6 mm² cable (SWG 11 or AWG 9)

Technical Features:

  • Autoconfiguration to 12 or 24 V supply
  • Connectable to two independent battery banks with voltages shown on display
  • Clear alpha-numeric digital LCD screen with user display options
  • Push button activated and timer controlled backlight
  • Latest technology microcontroller based system shuts windcharger down when batteries are full – much more convenient than heatsink type systems.
  • Shutdown switch to “brake” Rutland Windcharger and solar panels allowing safe maintenance & access to batteries
  • Bulk and float phase charge control for best performance charging, status is indicated on the LCD
  • Temperature compensation of charge voltage using internal sensor.
  • External temperature sensor included for optional use plugs into dedicated port and overides the internal sensor
  • Wall mounted design with easy access connection ports
  • Accepts up to 6 mm² cable (SWG 11 or AWG 9)
  • Optional remote display can be added via dedicated port
  • Dimensions 193 x 127 x 40 mm, Weight 420 g.


HRSi Charge Regulator

HRSI REGULATOR HRSi Charge Regulator leads the small wind turbine industry in technology and product features. The HRSi conveniently brings together a Rutland Windcharger charge regulator with an input for up to 100 watts of photovoltaic panels in a single easy to install device.

Multi-stage charge control delivers appropriate charge levels required to ensure your batteries get the maximum power they are able to retain and remain float charged.

Suitable for charge regulation of the Rutland 913 or 914




  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulation is now more finely controlled using the latest programmable microcontrollers
  • The HRSi monitors battery voltage and uses PWM to prevent overcharge.
  • As peak voltages are reached the HRSi tapers the current from the wind & solar chargers gradually reducing charge to float stage level.
  • This feature gradually reduces the speed of the turbine to an eventual “idle” thus extending the working life of the windcharger.
  • As the battery discharges the wind turbine responds by increasing speed to deliver more power.
  • Solar power is also tapered in the same way.
  • Intelligent Microcontroller system is programmed to deliver bulk and float phase charging. This feature ensures that batteries are optimally charged, especially when unattended.
  • LED indicators keep the user informed about battery voltage levels and charging status
  • The HRSi regulator can charge a single bank of batteries at either 12 or 24 volts.
  • Manual shutdown switch allows the user to stop the wind & solar chargers from delivering power to the battery if required. The windcharger slows to a “idle” in this mode.
  • Easy to connect terminals to interface windcharger, solar panels & battery connection in one.
  • Temperature compensation automatically adjusts the settings of the regulator to take account of varying temperatures thus ensuring maximum charging efficiency in all conditions.
  • Built in blocking diode avoids conflict with other charging sources to the same battery.
  • Automatic voltage detection for 12 or 24 volt systems.
  • Built-in charge fuse protects the wiring circuit in the event of accidental reverse polarity connection.


1. Solar panels must be fitted with diodes

2. Batteries must be connected first for auto detection

3. Care should be taken when connecting the HRSi, as reverse polarity connection will cause damage.

4. Solazone do not recommend connecting solar panels to this regulator in Australian conditions.

5. Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 42 mm, packaged weight 255 g

Rutland ModelVoltagePrices May 2017
Rutland 913i – 12v or 24v
12 or 24 volt$1695
Rutland 914i – 12v or 24v12 or 24 volt$1914
Rutland 1200 – 12v12 volt only$2695
Regulator HRSi (Basic)suits 12 or 24v$255
Regulator HRDi (Electronic display)suits 12 or 24v$475
Spare blades 910 / 913 / 914$75
Rear nacelle (cowling)$125
Other spare parts available



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