Wood Stove Fan

Wood Stove Fan


Amazing heat-powered fan, that distributes heat right across the room.

heat powered wood stove fan

Have you ever been in a room beside a glowing wood heater, and found yourself become more and more stuck to the space next to the heater?  

As you toast away, you don’t feel like doing much because it is cold over there, and sitting here beside the heater is really toasty.

Well, you can fix that problem of uneven heat distribution with this cute little stove fan, that just sits on top at the back of the stove, and works all by itself!

Starting at just 50oC it will start to distribute heat right across the room.   Soon, every part of the room feels comfortably warm, and not just around the fire.

heat powered stove fan

It works totally silently (<25dB), uses no power, and runs whenever the stove is hot.

As the stove warms up, the Wood Fire Stove Fan runs faster and faster, distributing the heat to the far corners of the room.   The great thing is, there are no dangerous leads, or cords to melt or burn.   And even at top speed, there is hardly a whisper.   It’s almost totally silent.  (The stove fan makes less than 25 dB even going hard).

Pro thermal stove fan australia

Showing the four black high-efficiency blades – this model shifts lots of air – up to 220 cfm.

And here it is – the secret of it’s success.

A compact thermal – electric unit that generates the tiny power used to run the fan, from heat conducted up from the base.

How does it work?  No batteries, no plugs, just place it on the hot stove, and off it goes!

wood stove thermoelectric

Thermoelectric element powers the fan

“I am surprised at the difference this little fan makes to cold corners of a room, that are distant from the wood heater”.

stove fan australia dimensions

Stove fan dimensions

Highest air flow rate of all the models available.

You will notice the difference in terms of how far the heat is pushed across the room.


Do you dry the laundry right in front of the wood heater?  

No need anymore.    

You can put the damp clothes further away from the wood heater, and they will still dry quickly and evenly.



Stove fan Operating instructions

Stove fan Operating instructions


Here is a tip to get the best performance from your Wood Stove Fan:

For maximum stove fan efficiency

Keep the wood stove fan at least 100 mm away from the flue so that it does not pick up the radiant heat from the flue.     This will cause it to run faster, and for a longer time when the fire is low.   If you wish to distribute the heat from the flue across the room, point the fan slightly towards the flue so that the moving air picks up the flue heat as well.    In my experience, placing the stove fan near the back of the wood stove, and pointing into the room, works best.


Price is $135.


Warranty?     Full 12 months replacement warranty.

Send it back if anything found defective, for a brand new unit.

Guaranteed by an Australian-based company, for rapid processing of any claim.

(Warranty does not cover damage by the user, abuse, or the return postage.)


You can see it working in a video here:  https://www.facebook.com/woodstovefan


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