2kw H-Series Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

2kw H-Series Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


The H-Series 2kw wind turbine is a heavy-duty, reliable machine, designed for long service life in remote areas.

It is solid construction and requires a crane or other lifting mechanism onsite for the installation process.

Further details of this model will be posted as we get more local feedback and some site photos.


2kw H-series wind generator

2kw H-series wind generator


Power Curve – 2kw H-series power output graph here


The 2kW H-series wind generator central core.

The 2kW H-series wind generator central core.

All H-series wind turbines are packed in plywood crates.


H-Series Wind Turbine Blades

The 2kW H-series wind turbines have shaped aluminium blades

The 2kW H-series wind turbines have shaped aluminium blades

H-series blade profile

H-series blade profile


Noise level curve – 2kw H-series wind generator noise levels


2kw 48-volt Wind Generator technical data

Rated output power 2kw @ 11 m/sec wind speed
Rated rotation speed 180 rpm
Rectified DC current at rated output 25 amp
Torque required at rated power  less than 95 Nm
Working wind speed 3 to 25 m/sec
Survival wind speed 50 m/sec
Output wire size 80 sq mm
Generator configuration 3-phase, star-connected output
Design lifetime more than 20 years
Rotor diameter and height 2.3m diameter and 2.6m high
Swept wind area 5.98 sqm
Weight 45 kg
Starting torque @ 3 m/sec start-up speed less than 3.2 Nm
Bearing type High-standard NSK bearings
Shaft material High-standard stainless steel
Outer frame material spheroidal-graphite cast iron
Fasteners (nuts and bolts) High-standard stainless steel
Winding temperature rating 180 degrees C
Working temperature range -45 to 60 degrees C
Recommended tower 8m free-standing tower


Installation Manual available


Hybrid Charge Controller

The 2kw H-Series wind turbine uses the ZYTD-2KW-48V hybrid charge controller to ensure the batteries are kept fully charged.

ZYTD-2KW-48V PWM hybrid charge controller

ZYTD-2KW-48V PWM hybrid charge controller.

The charge controller will limit the incoming charge current when the battery state of charge is low, and will also limit the incoming charge voltage as the batteries reach fully charged.

The display shows the battery capacity.

ZYTD-2KW-48V PWM hybrid wind controller connections

Showing the hybrid wind charge controller connections


8-metre Tower kit

The standard 8-metre tower comes in two 4-metre sections and is self-supporting.

Vertical axis wind turbine 8-metre Tower kits

Vertical axis wind turbine 8-metre Tower kits


Download 2KW H-series performance graphs here


 H–Series Wind Turbine Prices – June 2023

 2kw H-Series model prices Turbine Controller 8m Tower
 H-2kw – (48v) $7738 $1690 $3465

These models are usually made to order and delivered directly from the factory.

1kw and 2kw models may be stocked in Melbourne.

The usual delivery time from the factory is 4- 8 weeks.


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