5kw H-Series Wind Generator

5kw H-Series Wind Generator


5kw VAWT turbine close-up

The main advantages of this vertical wind turbine are:
1) Very quiet, low rotational speed.
2) Extremely low start-up torque, good output in low breeze wind conditions.
3) Safe in strong wind conditions.
4) Reliable and durable.
5) Three-phase AC output from the turbine for lower line losses.


Features & Technology:

These wind turbines feature advanced technology to improve performance and durability.  Here are some of the features:

    • The strongest magnets (Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets) and most advanced technology are used in this motor.    Experiments show that Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets are lighter and more efficient than any other material.     The rotor’s tangential structure design also contributes to the motor’s superior performance.    Special electromagnetic technology is used to make the generator has extremely low start-up torque, which makes sure the VAWT starts up in just a gentle breeze.


Wind Generator assembly

  • These wind turbines are equipped with two security systems.     If the wind becomes too strong, the system will activate its over-speed protection, using a mechanical speed limiter, and an electromagnetic brake.    Good quality, reliable performance, and long-life durability are our main concerns.


Wind generator stator winding

  • The ideal site should have consistent, high average wind speeds and minimal turbulence.
  • The higher the average wind speed, the higher the generated power, and the greater is the total energy output.   (For example, a wind speed of 5 m/s can generate nearly twice the electricity as a wind speed of 4 m/s.)


Does the wind generator need routine maintenance after installation?

  • H series vertical wind turbines have been designed to provide reliable, free, and clean energy for many years.
  • Even though the wind turbines are made to be maintenance-free, regular check-ups, and monitoring the general condition of the system, will ensure electrical and mechanical integrity, and the safety of the system.

These wind generators typically have a low start-up speed, high wind energy utilization, classic appearance, and low vibration.

  • Simple design, easy installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • The blades are strong with an optimized aerodynamic contour and structure and have high utilization of the wind’s energy, which contributes to high annual energy output.
  • Patented permanent-magnet rotor alternator, with a special kind of stator design that efficiently decreases resistance torque.  This makes the wind generator’s speed match the generator quite well and increases its reliability.
  • Good-quality charge controller, with a digital display showing all instantaneous readings, including battery charge voltage and the current being generated.
  • Factory tested before being carefully packed in a plywood crate, with expanded foam packaging for total protection.
  • Clear and understandable owner’s manual, detailing all installation and safety procedures.
  • One year’s warranty on both the wind generator and the controller.   An extended warranty may be purchased at the point of sale.


5kw 110/220-volt Wind Generator technical data

Rated output power 5kw @ 11 m/sec wind speed
Rated rotation speed 170 rpm
Rectified DC current at rated output 15 amp
Torque required at rated power  less than 60 Nm
Working wind speed 3 to 25 m/sec
Survival wind speed 50 m/sec
Output wire size 80 sq mm
Generator configuration 3-phase, star-connected output
Design lifetime more than 20 years
Rotor diameter and height 4m diameter and 3.8m high
Swept wind area 12.56 sqm
Weight 120 kg
Starting torque @ 3 m/sec start-up speed less than 3.2 Nm
Bearing type High-standard NSK bearings
Shaft material High-standard stainless steel
Outer frame material spheroidal-graphite cast iron
Fasteners (nuts and bolts) High-standard stainless steel
Winding temperature rating 180 degrees C
Working temperature range -45 to 60 degrees C
Recommended tower 8m free-standing tower


5kw off-grid wind system


5kw Technical data

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5kw Off-grid Turbine controller details

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Download details of the 5KW On-grid Wind Turbine Controller DC 350v here



 H–Series Wind Turbine Prices – June 2023

 5kw H-Series models Turbine Controller 8m Tower
 H-5kw Off-grid – (120/240v battery) $19250 $2090 $7260
H-5kw for remote Mini On-grid use – (110/240v) $19250 ask $7260

Most of these models are made to order and delivered directly from the factory.

Only 1kw and 2kw models may be stocked locally.

Estimated delivery time is about 4- 8 weeks.


These models are made to order and delivered directly from the factory.

Only 1kw and 2kw models may be stocked locally.

The estimated delivery time is about 6 – 8 weeks.



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