Customer designs awesome heat extraction system

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Bunya Mountains solar ventilator

Customer designs awesome heat extraction system

Yes, it’s true.   Our customer in the Bunya Mountains in Queensland called us with a change to the proposed design of the solar heat extraction system we were about to install on her holiday home.

The kitchen/living room area was the place where there was no air flow, and the heat built up in Summer from the sun beating down on the north-facing wall and the roof with a cathedral ceiling.   What to do?

Solar wall ventilation

At the customer’s suggestion we installed a large ceiling vent at the top of the kitchen wall, and vented the hot air into the normal ceiling space of the rest of the house, which was then extracted to the outside using the SV3200A solar ventilator system.

The adjustable thermostat and on-off switch was conveniently located nearby on the wall in the hallway.

So, not only does the kitchen/living area get a nice flow of fresh air all day, the heat is extracted, and the rest of the house ceiling space is also cooled by the single solar powered ventilator.

Bunya Mountains friends

Bunya Mountains friends – what a great place!

Do you have a heat build-up problem in the house?

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