GoodWe SBP

GoodWe SBP Grid Battery backup inverter



Economic battery back-up and storage for existing solar power systems.

  • Economic and reliable, this battery pack controller converts any existing solar system to a battery backup system.
  • Use your solar power at night, and also use the batteries during high peak loads during the day.
  • Program it to operate in the most economical mode for your power usage type.
  • We normally suggest 10kwh batteries, but you can start with a smaller battery pack, and add more batteries later if you prefer.
  • Run lights, TV, fridge and other normal loads at night from your own stored solar power.


GoodWe Approved Battery Options



How it works:

The GoodWe SBP series DC energy-storage system is compatible with most single-phase on-grid inverters.   Ordinary solar power systems can be upgraded to solar energy storage systems with the addition of the SBP energy storage unit.   During the daytime, the solar system generates electricity which can be firstly provided to the loads.   Then any excess energy will charge the battery via the SBP energy storage system.    At night, the battery discharges via the SBP energy storage system, and electricity is provided to your loads via the normal solar inverter.
The SBP energy storage system improves your self-consumption ratio greatly.   It means you don’t buy electricity unless it is really needed as a top-up.


GoodWe SBP-Series inverter specifications

Installation and User Manual link here


GoodWe SBP Grid Battery backup inverter used with a wind turbine

We recommend you select one of the recommended batteries from the list above and match it up with the GoodWe inverter, and the recommended wind turbine controller.

To protect the inverter, and battery, from damage during a possible grid outage, the wind charge controllers include a suitable dump load.

Recommended wind charge controllers are here.



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