Hybrid home solar factory visit.

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GoodweBP devices being made at the factory

Highly effective hybrid home solar power systems production ramped up.

Yes, I just came back from visiting our solar power inverter factory in Suzhou, China.

Instead of the single assembly line that I saw there last time, now there are four.  The atmosphere is busy, serious and careful.

Latest model solar hybrid inverter connects up to 5.5kw of solar panels, and delivers up to 4.6kw of power from the batteries at night.

Stop buying power at night; just use your solar, stored from during the day.  Save the excess solar power generated during the day, to use in your home each night.   If you need more power than what is saved, the grid cuts in to back you up.

Save money.  Save the environment.

GoodweBP devices being made at the factory

GoodweBP devices being made at the factory

Top quality inverters, second to none, and this company makes OEM inverters for two Australian-brand businesses.

The solar panels have a standard 25 years power guarantee, and have a reliable history.

Prices start from $208* per month, with no deposit needed.

Details are here, call us today, or fill in the form, to get more information.

*Terms and conditions apply.


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