Latest hybrid solar system

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zeus appollo hybrid solar system

Being installed in Kangaroo Ground, a new 5kw Zeus Appollo grid back-up solar system is designed to reduce the customer’s daytime load, and to store any excess solar power for use in the home at night, thereby reducing the overall bill.

The size of the customer’s usage right now means that 5kw will not cut out the bill totally, but by using the batteries to full effect, the bill will be reduced by the maximum amount, day and night, with very little (if any) solar power being exported to the grid for 6 cents.

zeus 5kw battery back-up

Zeus 5kw battery back-up

Solazone Victoria will be monitoring the daily power usage of the home, to compare it with the family’s prior usage before having the solar power installed.  More details can be found here:

Or call us for details on a system to best suit your needs.

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