New stock of Solar Roof Ventilators for summer

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Solazone Tempo - 40 solar roof ventilator removing heat

Just arrived!  New, more powerful solar roof ventilators to remove the heat and to keep your home or business cool over the coming summer months.

Solar roof ventilator colour-coded to blend in

And now you can have the high-performing solar roof ventilator colour-coded to match your roof, and you will hardly even see it.

High performance solar roof ventilator to cool the house

So, in this installation, we were required to coll the garage, the sewing room, the study and make the air conditioner work more effectively.

All of these were achieved by careful installation of the solar roof ventilator and the three ceiling vents, to make sure the air flow sucked the heat out of the relevant places.

Solar roof ventilator to make the air conditioner work better

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