Solar Roof Ventilations for shared office space in Brisbane

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shared office space Brisbane

Brisbane company decide to use Solar Roof Ventilations for shared space office.


We recently installed Solar Roof Ventilators for a company in Albion, Brisbane. We spoke to the owner about the experience and what he wanted to achieve.

Why did you get Solar Roof Ventilators installed?

We run a shared office space building with a mezzanine 2nd floor. During the summer the heat becomes unbearable. As the day gets hotter so does this space. So, we have to minimise our time on the mezzanine and work downstairs. Because we are in a tin roof open warehouse situation all of the heat would stay in the upper area of the building. I had to change my shirts at least 3 times a day as I would become saturated with sweat. It was just too hot.

The Solar Roof Ventilators

We decided to talk to Solazone about their Solar Roof Ventilators to see what they can do. If we didn’t do this, we would have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on air-conditioning just to use this space. Once installed we noticed a difference in the temperature. It felt like it dropped a few degrees, which makes it more bearable at least just to walk around in.

The heat doesn’t build up

We found that the heat doesn’t build up anymore. It used to be that when you went up to the second floor you would be hit with a wall of heat. This does not happen anymore. We are very happy with the Solar Roof Ventilators as they allow us to at least go up to the second floor and be there for a longer period of time. So, they definitely work.

Free, once it is installed

One of the great things was that once it is installed the Solar does all of the work. This means that there are no extra electricity costs to keep the building cooler.

How was your dealing with Solazone?

They were great, they knew what to do. The staff were pleasant and explained why the building was getting so hot. It made sense.

Any future plans with Solar

I think we may look at getting a Solar system installed so we can start to really take advantage of the sun. It seems incredible that once the systems are installed the sun’s free energy takes over. Reduces the costs. I like that.

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