Solazone Solar Roof Ventilator in a 2-Storey house in Noosa Queensland

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We recently installed a Solazone Solar Roof Ventilator in a 2-storey house in Noosa Queensland.  We spoke to the owner about her experience and why she decided to have one installed.


Why did you have it installed?

I have a 2-storey house and it got extremely hot especially upstairs. During the afternoon it was unbearable. I had to do something about it. I really do not like the heat, funny thing is that I live in Queensland. Most of the time it is ok, but the summer really gets hot.


Why wasn’t Air-conditioning an option?

I already have 2 air-conditioning units one downstairs and one in my bedroom. The external units are placed in the small courtyard I have. However, the house is in close proximity with the 2 neighbouring properties, which makes it almost impossible to add another unit. Plus, they are so expensive to run adding another unit would have cost so much. So, we had to look for an alternative.


Why Solar Roof Ventilators?

A family member suggested them to me. They said that they had searched on line for a solution and came across these Solazone Solar Roof Ventilators. So, we gave them a call.


How was your dealing with Solazone?

They were great! They explained everything to me about why the house was getting so hot. They installed the unit and explained what it would be doing. It was seamless.


Has it made a difference?

You must understand that I really can’t handle the heat so much these days. Must be an age thing but it wears me down. At first, I really didn’t notice too much but when I had family members come over during Christmas, they all commented. One of them said that they really noticed that the upstairs was cooler, so it is starting to make a difference. I suppose you forget what it was like before and just get used to the new situation. What I do now is I have my air conditioner on in my bedroom (upstairs) and the Solazone Solar Roof Ventilator helps keep the whole area cooler.


Are you glad you put it in?

Yes, it is making a difference. What it is doing is making a really bad situation bearable. The best part is that once it is installed the Solar takes over. It costs nothing after that so that is good.


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