Solazone Ventura Solar Roof Ventilator

Solazone Ventura Solar Roof Ventilator


The quiet Solazone Ventura SV40  (40 watts) has a wide range of uses.

Here are some examples:

  • Remove heat from large houses with dark colorbond roofs
  • Ventilate small factories and warehouses
  • Provide fresh air ventilation to vegetable stores and fruit shops
  • Remove airborne dust from brake repair businesses 
  • Eliminate engine fumes and pollution from generator repair businesses
  • Provide a comfortable airflow through warm-climate buildings


Being a physically larger 40-watt solar ventilator with a large 500 mm venturi throat it’s designed to suck hot air up into the fan.

Ventura 40 for a silver roof

Ventura 40 for a silver roof

The Solazone Ventura SV40 solar roof ventilator is also our largest domestic solar roof ventilator.

colorbond-solar ventilator

Colorbond SV40 solar ventilator


Ventura 40 on tray roof

Ventura 40 on tray roof


  • Physically larger ventilator with a 500mm venturi throat designed to increase hot air uplift into the fan.   (We use this model at our Solazone warehouse in Marcoola)
  • Ideal for ventilating large homes up to 300 square meters, homes with dark-colour roofs, and for small industrial sheds, where extra roof ventilation power and improved results are needed.
  • highly successful in smaller commercial properties such as warehouses, factories, stables, offices, etc.


Underneath a Solazone Ventura solar ventilator

Showing the venturi base that draws the hot air on the Solazone Ventura SV40 solar ventilator


Specifications of the Ventura – 40

Max Capacity 3660 Cubic Metres per Hour (m³/h)
2155 Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm)
PV Wattage 40 Watt
Motor Brushless, 24-volt DC
Fan Decibel <45 Decibels (dBA)
Dimensions 700 mm × 700 mm × 600 mm
Box Dimensions 750 mm × 350 mm × 760 mm
Throat Diameter 500 mm
Weight 10.5 kg / 14.2 kg
Colours Black, or any Colorbond colour
Night Operations Available, with Constant Current day boosting


Solazone Ventura SV 40 Prices – 2023
Ventura SV40 solar roof ventilator with thermostat $899
Ventura SV40 – no solar panel – use with mains pack $755
Mains backup pack (roof) $225
Wall-mounted mains backup box with adjustable thermostat $445



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