How to get maximum heat from a Wood Stove Fan

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For maximum stove fan efficiency

How can I get the maximum amount of heat from my Wood Stove Fan?


That is so easy.

Remember how the Wood Stove Fan works?

heat powered stove fan

Buy four blades, not two, or three.

It works from the difference in heat between the base of the fan, which sits on the hot stove surface, and the cooling fins at the top, which are cooled by air flow, and keep the cool side of the thermo-electric plate cooler.

wood stove thermoelectric

wood stove fan, showing the thermoelectric plate that makes it work.

So, to generate more power and to get the fan to spin faster, place the fan at least 100 mm away from any radiated heat source (such as the flue) and in a position where cool air is drawn across the top of the wood stove fan from the back, to heat up as it’s crossing over the wood heater, before blasting out across the room.

Try it.  I would appreciate any feedback on the effectiveness of this.


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