Working in a hotbox?

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Sweaty factorys

Working in a hotbox?

Solar Ventilators Are The Solution

We often don’t realise how hot weather affects our moods and our production.

When we feel uncomfortably hot, we don’t even want to be at work, and our minds are on being at the swimming pool with the kids, or stopping at the river or beach, on the way home.

So how does this affect our concentration on the job at hand?   We want to complete the task quickly so we can relax in a cooler spot.   Or we drag our feet because we know we are there till stumps anyway.

Well now there is a new way to make the workplace more comfortable, create a fresh breeze, and get staff to focus better in warm weather.

Just check this out:

factory ventilators

factory ventilators

  • Remove heat when it’s sunny, & you want it gone.
  • Provide cooler air flow, all day long.
  • Very effective, with no running costs.
  • Enjoy much better working conditions.
  • At least 12 times as affective as wind vents.


night pack

night pack for factory


  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Models to suit all applications.
  • Thermostats for temperature control.
  • Night packs available.
  • Long warranties.
  • Installation in most areas.

Solar Ventilators Are The Solution

More information here:

Please help solve my workplace ventilation problem:

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