Industrial Solar Ventilators

Industrial Solar Ventilators


Large Solar Ventilators for industrial buildings.

Correctly designed to ventilate & remove heat all day using only solar power, or at night too with optional batteries or mains power back-up.

Industrial solar powered roof ventilator

Industrial solar powered roof ventilator

Using the world’s most powerful solar roof ventilators 

Keep temperatures down, and increase comfort, safety and productivity.

The big solution for big ventilation problems.



  • Works differently from having a bank of wind-powered ventilators. 
  • These devices shift huge volumes of hot air out of the building, at the exact times when you need the hot air removed – during the day!   
  • Work best on hot, sunny days, rather than depending upon wind.  
  • The difference inside the building is remarkable, caused by the fresh replacement air gently entering from the ground level.  
  • Comfort level and productivity increase, with no increase in running costs.   
  • Solar ventilators can be controlled to retain the building’s warmth in the winter time, by adjustable the start up temperature.  
  • Very effective for removing humidity from an indoor swim schools or swimming pools.
Remove heat from warehouse -underside view of industrial solar roof ventilator

Remove heat from warehouse -underside view of industrial solar roof ventilator

This is the most economical and efficient way to ventilate commercial buildings, with or without air-conditioning:

  • Solar Powered
  • No running costs
  • Easy installation 
  • High Capacity – less ventilation units required
solar ventilator on factory roof

SV3500 solar ventilator on factory roof

Ideal for:

  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Day Care Institutions
  • Community Centres & Halls
  • Sports Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Exhibition Centres
  • Shed Ventilation (Industrial and Agricultural)
Industrial Solar Powered Ventilator for Swim School

Industrial Solar Powered Ventilator for Swim School



Capacity10000 m3/h
PV panel100 Watt Polycrystalline.Highimpact resistant panel
Adjustable angle 0-80 degrees
Fan motor24 volt DC brushless motor with double shielded ball bearings
Fan Decibels<80 dBA
Fan blade3 blade design
Fan capAluminium alloy for maximum durability
BodyCorrosion resistant steel
FlashingAluminium 915 x 915 x 0.9mm
CoatingElectro Static UV resistant spray cured in
high temperature drying process
DimensionsFan assembly – 900 (diameter) 305 (height)
100W Panel – 1010 x 725 x 70
Packing WeightSW10000 – 8kg     100W Panel – 15kg
ColourBlack Powder Coating
OptionsThermostatic control

Warranty:  Solar Whiz commercial roof ventilators are designed and manufactured for durability in the harsh Australian conditions and backed by a 10 year warranty on the solar panels and 2 years warranty on all other components.   Extended warranty is also available

SolarWhiz ModelPerformancePrice 2015
Solar Whiz RAF210035w  2100m3/hr$910
Solar Whiz RAF300050w  3000m3/hr$1590
Solar Whiz RAF400075w  4000m3/hr$1885
Solar Whiz RAF7000100w  7000m3/hr$2355
Solar Whiz RAF10000150w  10000m3/hr$2785



Remove fumes and odours with Solar Ventilators.

 It is possible to use the solar ventilators to remove fumes and nasty fog from inside a factory by siphoning the bad air directly from each machine to the outside
machines being ventilated

machines being ventilated

 using a solar-powered ventilator.   In this case, the solar panel is remote mounted, and protects a small battery pack underneath, that allows the ventilator fan to run into the night, long after the sun has gone down.

Solar ventilator to remove fumes

Solar ventilator to remove fumes in Carrum Downs

After years of successfully using sealed gel batteries for various back-up purposes, we are now installing the latest Lithium batteries, for their more compact size, lighter weight, and reportedly better cycle life.  We estimate up to 5 years service life without maintenance.

Solar ventilator battery-pack

Solar ventilator battery-pack

These sturdy solar ventilators are available as the following diy kit, or fully installed:
Solar ventilator with remote solar panel, tilt frame and battery pack$1380
10m flexible duct with roof mounting, flashing, joiners$320
Roof flashing 500mm x 1500mm$120
Total kit price$1820


Solar-powered Ventilation Fans

These powerful industrial DC brushless fans:

  • Ideal for removing heat, creating airflow over work areas,
  • Reduce air-conditioning load,
  • Reduce damage to stored goods,
  • Make working conditions far more comfortable.  
  • We can arrange customised ducts and cowls made to order.  
  • All fans have brushless DC motors, which means long life, low noise, and highly efficient running,
  • Even cost you less than an AC fan when running from the mains at night.
Solar Powered Industrial Ventilating Fans

Solar Powered Industrial Ventilating Fans

ModelFan Blade (dia.- MM)Power (W)Voltage (V)Motor Speed (RPM)Airflow (CMH)Pressure (Pa)Noise d(B)AFan Host Size (MM)Packaging Volume (Fan/CBM)
You can add a Mains Switch Controller into product to hybrid use the solar panel supply and public electricity supply to have the ventilating fans work continuously after dark or in cloudy periods.
Power supply mechanism for large solar powered ventilating fans

Power supply mechanism for large solar powered ventilating fans

The primary power supply for product to work is always from solar panel, only when the sunlight illumination intensity on solar panel is too weak to function fan motor, the Mains Switch Controller will switch-on public electricity supply as support.

Hereafter illustrates the Mains switch mechanism between solar panel supply and public electricity supply, all switches can be realized automatically intelligently by the Mains Switch Controller.

Power supply times for large solar powered ventilating fans

Power supply times for large solar powered ventilating fans

Because every project has it’s unique problems, it can take several weeks to manufacture and supply your unique solution to your ventilation problem.

 We are proudly specialists at solving industrial ventilation problems, and focus on great results.


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